About company

GEOTEC LLP has been founded in 2006 in order to serve in the field of Survey and Design activities in Kazakhstan. GEOTEC is now recognized as a reliable and trusted partner by working with prestigious and well-known customers.

GEOTEC keeps try to improve its management system, health protection and occupational safety with a view to ensuring incident prevention and reduction of risk. Our goal is client-committed. We are actively working toward meeting standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Occupational, Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS). We continue to research and implement new technologies that will improve both our product and overall process.

We provide high quality and professional service to its customers, and strictly adhere to the quality, health and safety policy the company's strategy which states:
• Our highly experience professionals who works and creates the image of the Company is always ready to assist our clients in achieving the goals and objectives of any complexity;
• We intend to expand the territory in rendering of surveying services both within the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad;
• Use only the most advanced technology for accurate measures during work performance;
• Maintain a healthy and supportive working environment  that helps company in effective problem solving;
• We build positive, long-term relationships with our customers, partners, subcontractors.

We are proud that our clients are the greatest success for Company in its development. Therefore, improving and using a wealth of experience, knowledge and professionalism, the Company is always looking approach each client individually and provides extremely high-quality services regardless of the amount of work, needs and budget.
The project size is not important so far. GEOTEC has developed long-standing relationships with our clients by providing a full range of services at glance a competitive pricing—while delivering projects on time, within budget and as per scope. Our continuous and controlled improvement creates a synergetic benefit to our clients and partners.

Licenses and Certificates

Iz Deyat 2
Iz Deyat 1
18001 ENG
9001 ENG

Company Principles

GEOTEC adopts the following principles and commitments to its customers:
• We try to be most trusted partner for its customers by interpreting its capabilities, knowledge, expertise;
• We are proud of our core values: delivering on time, increasing potential and doing the right thing;
• We put safety first and provide a healthy work environment;
• We listen to our customers, understand, and seek out the best solutions to continually improve ourselves.

GEOTEC will continue to provide by bringing knowledgeable, expertise and skills of professionals, giving cost effective services, utilizing the highly experience of professionals who made GEOTEC as a reputable company in the eyes of every Customer.  GEOTEC reputation depends on its delivered value since it founded. GEOTEC seek out  challenging development opportunities  and increase its value in the industry for the breed achievements.


Tel.: / Fax: +7 (7172) 642 737
E-mail: info@geotec.kz


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