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Air laser scanner Leica ALS50-II

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For performance of air laser scanning (Lidar air survey) the GEOTEC has a modern air laser scanning ALS-50-II system (Leica Geosystems, Switzerland), providing receiving a dense cloud of points of a surface with high precision of spatial coordinates (5-7cm).

Advantages of the air laser scanner ALS-50-II are:
• Big range of possible corners of scanning;
• Possibility of survey from big heights;
• High planned precision of definition of provision points of laser reflections;
• High precision determination of heights of laser points reflections even at big heights of flight;
• Existence of the MPiA mode (Multiple Pulses in Air) that allows to receive high density of laser points reflections even from rather big heights of survey.

Example of density of points for the set parameters of survey:
• Scanning corner - 25 °;
• Flight height - 1560 m;
• Aircraft speed - 300km/hour;
• Average density of points – 2.5 points/sq. m.

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