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Airborne Laser Scanning LIDAR

Airborne Laser Scanner allows you to work at flight altitudes from 200 to 6000 m. The use of different heights makes it possible to produce projects of varying complexity and with varying degrees of detail. Using a laser-radar technology provides an advantage over the use of other equipment in speed and in a large spectrum of the data:
• Laser cloud points, separated by morphological layers soil, vegetation, water bodies, buildings, power lines, etc.;
• Digital terrain model;
• Orthophoto mosaics;
• Raster images of the surface (the intensity of the reflection of the relative and absolute heights, cut-off model);
• 3D models of terrain objects;
• Digital aerial RCD 105 as part of the aerial survey equipment allows you to quickly create high-resolution color orthophotos taken in the area.

Schematic diagram of the LIDAR survey
During surveys, the laser pulses are sent from the helicopter that are reaching the earth and other items (roofs, trees, cars) and are reflected back to the helicopter. Then they are recorded with special equipment and after several calculations, "the cloud point of the laser reflection" is obtained, for each point which we know its position in space, the coordinates and altitude. The differential correction is carried out by measuring of GPS-GLONASS ground stations to calculate the trajectory with high accuracy.


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