Abu Dhabi Plaza Project

Project Name: Abu Dhabi Plaza Project
Scope: 3D Laser Scanning and Dimensional Survey Works
Client: Arabtec Consolidated Contractor Ltd
Location: Astana, Kazakhstan

GEOTEC carried out Laser Scanning and dimensional control survey works for specific areas within the Abu Dhabi Plaza Project to establish 3D models for assuring dimensional fit up and deformation investigation of structural beams.

GEOTEC is awarded the contract for Arabtec & CCC JV on Abu Dhabi Plaza Project, Astana. The Abu Dhabi Plaza will be the tallest building in central Asia once it will be completed.
During the construction phase there was a fire on the high rise building and our  client need to clarify if there is a deviation on structural beams. Our specialized Laser scanner team performed a high resolution laser scanning survey and created a detailed 3D model of specific steel columns and structural beams.
In additional to this task, GEOTEC also performed dimensional control surveys on 3 blocks in the project. Detailed 3D models, including beams and interior walls, created for future planning of the project.