Future Growth Project Facilities

Project Name: Future Growth Project Facilities 

Scope: Geodesic and topographic survey

Client: TCO, Tengizchevroil LLP Future Growth Project

Location: Tengiz, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

GEOTEC has provided Engineering and Surveying services for Tengizchevroil LLP Future Growth Project related work activities from 2011 till 2015.

GEOTEC surveyed all proposed areas of FGP Facilities including all above and underground utilities and then according to site information, data processing and preparing topographical survey drawings at a specified scale for all proposed areas. Also GEOTEC LLP is locating, fabricating and installing permanent benchmarks near all the surveyed sites.

GEOTEC performed static survey and second order leveling for the monuments located all around the Tengiz Oil Field. 

Additionally, GEOTEC carried out verification/control surveys and monitoring surveys with the volume calculation of earthworks during the construction activities in 2014.