Future Growth Project (FGP)

Project Name: Future Growth Project (FGP)    10

Scope: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Investigation at the Area of FGP Facilities

Client: TCO, Tengizchevroil LLP Future Growth Project

Location: Tengiz, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

GEOTEC carried out Underground Services/Objects Detection survey works by Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) at the area of several TCO Future Growth Project (FGP) facilities including Substations, Well Pads, Drilling Pads and Metering Stations through the main contractors of TCO such as CCEP S.A.L. Offshore, Senimdi Kurylys LLP (Bechtel-Enka JV), OGCC KazStroyService, GATE Construction.

Ground Penetrating Radar investigation at Core Substation Area for CCEP S.A.L. Offshore:

GEOTEC investigated engineering geophysical survey in order to find any possible communication lines and underground cable within core substation of Tengiz oil field site as per the construction standards and rules of Republic Kazakhstan (SNiP RK), following the methodical instruction requirements.

GPR investigation work was covering:

  • To obtain information on structure of upper part of engineering and geological section and distribution speed of electromagnetic waves (down to depth of at least 3 m).
    • Building geological and geophysical models of the upper part of the sections considering dielectric earth parameters based on results of engineering and geophysical activities by radar survey.

Ground Penetrating Radar investigations at the areas of 7 Well Pads, 2 Substations, Metering Stations and 6 existing facilities of TCO for Senimdi Kurylys LLP (Bechtel-Enka JV); 2 Well Pads and 1 Metering Station for OGCC KazStroyService; 1 Substation, 2 Metering Stations and 5 Drilling Pads for GATE Construction:

GEOTEC carried out Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey works at TCO Future Growth Project (FGP) facilities and some existing TCO facilities in Tengizchevroil Tengiz Oil Field to determine any possible underground utilities at the territory of future facilities.

Two-dimensional survey with Ground Radar Probing Method is performed on profiles, early prepared by Geotec Survey team.

Engineering and geophysical site investigations by ground probing radar method along each of the profiles performed within usage of high-speed shielded antenna block MG-400M3 in two polarizations (E and H) of the electromagnetic field vector in increments of 0.025 m along the profile, which increased the probability of detecting objects of small geometric sizes (cables).