Future Growth Project/Wellhead Pressure Management

Project Name: Future Growth Project/Wellhead Pressure Management  Project (FGP/WPMP)

Scope: Ground Penetrating Radar Investigation/Underground Objects Detection

Client: TCO, Tengizchevroil LLP

Location: Tengiz, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

GEOTEC performed engineering geophysical survey in order to discover and record any underground objects such as steel/plastic pipelines, cables, concrete duct banks, foundations or other concrete objects etc.

The Underground Services/Objects Detection surveys are performed at 27 Brownfield Facilities in Tengiz Oil Field.

Two-dimensional survey with Ground Radar Probing Method is performed on profiles, early prepared by Geotec Survey team.

In accordance with the technical specifications GPR profiles fulfilled in axial area of the ground perimeter and cross profiles and profiles located the interior work platforms through the networks of longitudinal and lateral sections marked in compliance with actual situation operated on project site.

Engineering and geophysical site investigations by ground probing radar method along each of the profiles performed within usage of high-speed shielded antenna block MG-400M3 in two polarizations (E and H) of the electromagnetic field vector in increments of 0.025 m along the profile, which increased the probability of detecting objects of small geometric sizes (cables).