Medeu and Chimbulak Mountain Resorts Project

Project Name: Medeu and Chimbulak Mountain Resorts Project

Scope: Topographic and geodetic works for Medeu-Chimbulak Ropeway

Client: Capital Partners

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

The Medeu & Chimbulak Mountain Resort Development (Project) is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan and planned to build Total 600.000 sqm Residences, High Class hotel, Gondola, Car park, Retails, Related infrastructure upgrade and re-built. Provide an indication of future capacity of the Chimbulak ski area at 5.500 skiers per day.  The core vision of the project is to create Central Asia’s first, world class, four season, mountain desert destination. Create Visitor Centre, and other issues related with national park. Working with, Colliers, Locum Consulting; Robert Stern, HOK, ARUP, Ecosing, Dopelmayer and various international companies. Geotec had opportunity to work with such international companies during the project execution.

The project is located one of the highest seismic zones in the world and inside the National Park. Due to the geographical conditions of the project location, survey works were quite difficult to execute, however Geotec has completed its scope with high success as well as timely manner.