New railway track to support TCO/FGP - 3GP chemical unloading complex

Project Name: New railway track to support TCO/FGP – 3GP chemical   unloading complex

Scope: Detailed design for the rail infrastructure

Client: TCO, Tengizchevroil LLP

Location: Tengiz, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

GEOTEC developed the detailed design for the construction of complete rail route from existing track to the 3GP Chemical facility for the purpose of chemical deliveries as per the construction standards and rules of Republic Kazakhstan (SNiP RK), following the methodical instruction requirements, which is mandatory for design of all facilities in territory of Republic Kazakhstan.

Design work was covering:
• Connecting trackage from the existing TCO Railroad track to new 3GP chemical facility;
• Two unloading tracks inside the chemical facility;
• Construction of (3) open railway crossings;
• Service road construction.