TCO Future Growth Haul Road Project

Project Name: TCO Future Growth Haul Road Project 

Scope: Topographical and Geodetic Surveys

Client: TCO, Tengizchevroil LLP Future Growth Project

Location: Tengiz, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

GEOTEC provided Engineering and Surveying services for Tengizchevroil LLP Future Growth Haul Road Project related work activities. The Proposed Haul Road extends from Atyrau to Tengiz and comprises a 12m wide running surface on a filled embankment with 1 vertical to 2 horizontal side slopes. The Proposed Haul Road crosses an area which is generally flat. The level of the top surface of the road will be determined based on a number of factors including Caspian Sea and River flood levels, the depth of fill required to spread load on the existing soils and the gradient the haul vehicle can negotiate.

GEOTEC carried out site topographical survey works the routes of the module haul road from Atyrau to Tengiz and the heavy haul road in Tengiz Field and then according to site information, data processing and preparing topographical survey drawings at a specified scale by using softwares AutoCAD Civil 3D and Microstation V8i.

Survey includes all above and underground utilities such as:
• Full outline of surface features;
• Sors, fences, hedges, ditches, walls;
• Top and toe of embankments;
• Road crowns, high and low points, gutters, gullies, kerbs, edge of shoulder;
• Retaining walls top and bottom;
• Culvert invert, diameter or size and material of construction;
• Railroads, centerline, top of tie, top of rails, switches etc.;
• Visible services, e.g. manhole covers, water and gas line marks;
• Poles and routes of overhead cables;
• Outline of existing structures including doorways;
• Existing facilities including tanks and installation.

GEOTEC has also established satellite ground control which can be used to calibrate the satellite survey, for the Haul Road and Tengiz field by performing a field survey of approximately 30 points, 20 spread along the length of the haul road and 10 spread throughout the extents of the Tengiz field.