TCO Railroad Engineering and Survey Services – Master Contract

Project Name: TCO Railroad Engineering and Survey Services – Master Contract

Scope: Railroad Engineering and Survey Services

Client: TCO, TengizChevroil LLP

Location: Tengiz, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

GEOTEC LLP has been working with Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO) Railroad Group for more than 9 years. Experienced and specialized GEOTEC LLP staff are carrying out any assignments of surveying and engineering works for Tengizchevroil LLP Railroad Group including:

  • maintaining and supporting the detailed reference and geodetic network along the shortline which is developed with coordinate system conversion from 1942 to WGS84 by GEOTEC LLP
  • developing the approved railroad specific system of AutoCAD drawing management;
  • developing and upkeeping of Blue Print drawing system including typical railroad solutions;
  • providing technical and design consultation for railroad issues;
  • preparing all design projects for service roads, new tracks etc.
  • providing author supervision for Railroad projects;
  • developing continuous survey monitoring system of TCO Shortline Overpasses;
    • detailed tracks surveying and data processing,
  • detailed surveying of all under and above ground intersections with overhead power lines,
  • railroad curves surveying and calculations,
  • railroad crossing surveying and designs,
  • surveying and designs for the extension of railroad beds
  • geotechnical survey works for the design of new tracks and rail infrastructures
  • Engineering and geophysical investigations by using Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) on the TCO Tengiz-Kulsary Shortline:
  1. a) determination of the railway embankment width and structure content
  2. b) determination of ballast and natural bed layers
  3. c) mapping underground service lines crossing railway embankment