Dimensional Control Survey

GEOTEC’s Dimensional Control and monitoring services, utilizing proven engineering survey techniques and modern survey equipment, can provide substantial benefits to any project both onshore and offshore.

Reducing dependency for on-site work, increasing safety, and reducing on-site material handling are just some of the challenges facing industrial projects.
Our expertise and experience in Dimensional Control Management can meet these challenges and help ensure “clash-free” design and installation of projects involving piping, structural and equipment components that must integrate and “fit in first time”.

The field data is gathered utilizing an Electronic Laser/Infrared Total Station capable of measuring distances to +/- 1mm accuracy.  The total station can be tripod mounted or attached to structural elements within the facility in many configurations allowing easy movement through even the most congested of areas without loss of accuracy.

Key project benefits from implementing Dimensional Control Survey management include:

• Reduced design, re-work and shutdown times
• Reduction of man-hours in potentially hazardous areas and activities
• Guaranteed fit of pre-fabricated items
• Elimination of multi-handling of components
• Availability of archived data
• Elimination of re-design during installation
• Minimize fit-up issues that result in schedule/budget overruns