Ground-Penetrating Radar service

GEOTEC are one of the reputed service providers of Ground Penetrating Radar Survey Services in Kazakhstan. GPR offers the means to detect buried objects such as communication and underground lines, local natural\unnatural items where excavation is not an option in the territory and is used for the verification and mapping of expected objects and their routes and depths that are not detectable by other methods. In addition to the ability to locate metallic objects, GPR is able to detect nonmetallic objects. Depth can also be determined by processing the sampling interval and determining anomaly.

The system sends radar pulses into the surface, then it receives and processes the reflected energy. Through advanced processing technology the system calibrates to the dielectric constant of the surrounding material. When the signal is reflected from a material having a different dielectric constant, the signal is displayed on the screen as an anomaly.

Location of Buried Utilities:
• Pipes (Metallic & Non-Metallic);
• Underground Storage Tanks;
• Pipelines, Sewer & Boulders;
• Electric Cables, and so on;
• Landfills and trench boundaries.

Mapping Geologic Conditions:
• Depth to Water Table;
• Depth to Bedrock;
• Depth & Thickness of Soil Strata;
• Location of Subsurface Cavities.

Inspection & Investigation:
• Inspection of Masonry;
• Inspection of Concrete Structures;
• Archaeological Investigations.

Conducting studies:
• Roads and Railroad Track-Bed;
• Oil and gas Industry.