Railroad Survey and Design

GEOTEC can survey and design railroad tracks. We are able to survey long railroad corridors using new techniques and design new tracks with all utilities using new technology, softwares and equipments.

With a successful experience and background of completion of surveying and design projects for several multi-national companies, GEOTEC provides creative solutions to our customer needs including our current services of full Railroad Construction Consulting, Design and Engineering.

GEOTEC is able to use innovation and new technologies. The services offered for Railway Design & Survey include:

High-Accuracy Geodetic Surveys
• Topographic Surveys
• Road and Right of Way Surveys
• Construction Staking Surveys
• Utility and Location Surveys
• Location of Easements and existing grading

Railroad Track Design and Layout
• Feasibility studies, Calculation of Volumes
• Preliminary and Detailed Environmental Impact
• Conceptual Drawings
• Preparation of Drawings for the regulatory organs of RK