Topographic Surveys

GEOTEC locates all existing features such as:

• Full outline of surface features;
• Sors, fences, hedges, ditches, walls;
• Top and toe of embankments;
• Road crowns, high and low points, gutters, gullies, kerbs, edge of shoulder;
• Retaining walls top and bottom;
• Culvert invert, diameter or size and material of construction;
• Railroads, centerline, top of tie, top of rails, switches etc.;
• Visible services, e.g. manhole covers, water and gas line marks;
• Poles and routes of overhead cables;
• Outline of existing structures including doorways;
• Existing facilities including tanks and installation etc.

A detailed plan is provided showing all existing structures and contour elevations presentable to field personnel, developers, contractors, etc.